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Residential Construction Loans

When you imagine building your dream home, what comes to mind? Maybe it’s beautiful views out vaulted windows. Or a crackling blaze in a fieldstone fireplace. One thing you’d probably rather not dwell on: managing your construction loan.

That’s where we come in.

For nearly 70 years we’ve been helping people like you build new homes in Big Sky, Big Timber, Bozeman, Livingston, Whitefish and other surrounding communities (as well as out in the middle of nowhere).

Construction projects are complex. Your construction loan doesn’t have to be. Whatever you plan to build, our experienced residential construction loan team will make the process easier, saving you not just money but precious time as well.

We Know Construction
Don’t let our shiny shoes fool you. When it comes to your home construction project, we roll up our sleeves and wade right in with you.

We know the local contractors, suppliers and inspectors you’ll be working with. Our goal is to make the construction process efficient and enjoyable for everyone.

From the day you break ground until final inspection, we watch your bottom line so that you can keep your eyes on the prize: The home you imagine, built the way you imagine it.

And when your home is finally finished, we’ll help you transition to a home mortgage that’s right for you.

No Hidden Costs
Because we handle every step of the construction financing process, you can be assured that most costs associated with your construction loan are addressed at loan origination. We strive to manage your loan and construction draw services in-house, which saves you money and significantly shortens your to-do list.

You’re building your dream. Work with a team that is invested in it. Contact a Residential Construction Loan Officer today to start the application process.

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