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You could look at a photo of Livingston taken today – the historic Main Street, the rail yard, the sharp rise of the Crazy Mountains – and still think it might be 1947. That’s when the first American Bank opened its doors at 120 N. Second Street. We’ve been operating here ever since. No surprise then, the way of Livingston has become the way of our bank. Doing business on a handshake. Knowing our customers by name. But just like the town, there’s more to us than history and a smile. Livingston is a contemporary small city with a diverse, thriving economy centered on tourism, the arts and a good mix of rail and agriculture. We serve all that and more by offering online banking tools, advanced commercial services, real estate lending and personal accounts. To us, Livingston isn’t a market or a location, it’s home, and it always will be. 

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