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Fraud Protection Resources

In the rapidly changing world of technology fraud attempts are constant. While we can't foresee all of them, we'd like to do our best to share information with our customers that could be helpful as we all try to defend ourselves against the fraudsters.

There is no sure-fire way to prevent being a victim of fraud, but informing yourself on the attempts that are trending can certainly help.

The links below are resources that serve to better inform you of these issues.

Trusted and Helpful Web Resources:

You can take steps to protect yourself from fraud by closely monitoring your account transactions.  American Bank offers free online banking for our customers which allows you to view your transactions any time of day, any day of the year.   You can also use our E-Docs product to view your statements through online banking which gives you one more added layer of protection.


At American Bank we are committed to your security – please contact your banker today with any questions or concerns.

Thanks for being a customer of American Bank.

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