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Aircraft Financing

When the big sky beckons, American Bank can help you take flight. We have a unique understanding of aviation lending and can provide creative and competitive domestic financing packages for businesses and individuals. We offer loans across Montana and nationwide on a variety of new and used aircraft, including helicopters; fixed-wing single- and twin-engine planes; and piston, turboprop and corporate jets.

Pick Your Flight Plan
American Bank can provide you with the most appropriate financing package and assist with purchases of new and used aircraft. Depending on how long you plan to keep your aircraft and whether it will require upgrades in the near future, we offer fixed-rate and adjustable-rate financing options.

We can refinance your existing aircraft loan, allowing you to access equity or reduce your existing interest rate. And we also provide upgrade loans so that you can repair the engine, add a new avionics stack, paint the exterior, spruce up the cabin — whatever you need.

Our experienced lenders can provide quick and personalized service to recommend a loan that will best suit your needs.

Reduced Turbulence Ahead
As seasoned aviation lenders, we know that purchasing an aircraft is more complex than buying a car or a boat. American Bank will work with you through the entire finance and purchase process, guiding you as necessary through Federal Aviation Administration registration and meeting requirements for the International Registry.

Contact a lender today to learn more about aircraft financing at American Bank.

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